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Making a Cleaner World

Making a Cleaner World

One sponge at a time, we're trying to contribute to a more sustainable planet. Dyes and glues in traditional cellulose sponges can be harmful to our environment and polyester scrubbers never disappear from landfills. We wanted to provide consumers with a better option.

Twist Clean uses 100% plant based materials in the manufacturing of our residential cleaning tools.  We get the wood pulp for our cellulose from FSC Certified sources and all of our scrubbers are hand sewn onto their cellulose bases.

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Soapy Twist Clean Dish Dumpling


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. The worlds first scrub sponge that comes in a clean, neutral color (not hot pink or bright yellow). The worlds first sponge that doesn't fall apart after one week. The worlds first sponge that actually cleans and does not scratch surfaces. I love that it's plant based. I've waited thirty years for a great scrub sponge. Don't ever discontinue this product!!!

Mary S.
Oxford, CT

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Yesterday while mulling over the sponges at the grocery store I noticed there was a new sponge AND it was on sale. I bought it, used it today and I have to tell you just how much I love your scour sponge! I love it sooo much I'm telling every one about it! It's soft, spongy and despite that it's white, surprisingly rinses clean every time.'s all natural!
Your sponges are the only ones I will purchase from now on.
Thank you thank you! Sincerely, your newest fan,

Jayleen D.

Testimonial Stacy

My mother always told me, "When you have something nice to say, say it!" Well, your sponges are seriously the jam. I can't believe how long they last, I love how eco-friendly they are, and the fact that you can throw them in the dishwasher is just the icing on the vegan cake. I can't believe how much awesomeness you get for such a low price. I never knew I would love a sponge so much! Thank you!



We just purchased your sponge/loofa combo a few weeks ago for the very first time. You have a customer for LIFE as it is just AWESOME! Just wanted you to know that we are super impressed and amazed that one little item can make such an impact! CHEERS!

Terry M.